Next Steps Clinic

Next Steps Clinic

Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition 2.0 Transitioning Youth to an Adult Health Care Provider for use by Pediatric, Family Medicine, and Med-Peds Providers

The new Next Steps LEND Clinic will see children with neurodevelopmental and autism spectrum disorders who are encountering a problem with transition, are having school system issues, or who are in need of help with coordinating their care.

The Next Steps LEND Clinic will translate the child's diagnosis into a "Life Plan" that supports parents and educational programs, such as Birth to Three and local school systems.

The "Life Plan" can address:

  • Educational needs that address communication, motor and social development
  • Family supports that address financial and social programs
  • Local community supports and the extended autism support network
  • Establishment of a medical home for the child and their family
  • Life skills including planning for transitions
  • Linkage with advocacy organizations and development of self-advocacy skills

What services are offered?

An interdisciplinary team of WVU professors and graduate students collaborate with the family of a child with special needs regarding:

  • School issues
  • Life transition issues
  • Access to needed services
  • Linkages to other medical professionals
  • Recommendations for other needed evaluations

Where are the services offered?

Next Steps LEND Clinic services are offered in Morgantown at the Center for Excellence in Disabilities in a comfortable and confidential clinic setting.

Who provides these services?

An interdisciplinary team consisting of a psychologist, social worker, speech pathologist, parent mentor, occupational therapist, and others as needed work with families. Graduate students assist the mentors and learn about family-centered and culturally competent care.

How much do these services cost?

There is no charge for the Next Steps LEND Clinic.

Who is eligible for services?

Any family with a child from birth to age 21 with a neurodevelopmental or related disability is eligible for services. It is preferred, but not necessary, for the child to have a diagnosis before coming.

How do I make an appointment or make a referral for services?

Contact Debbie Cain at 304-293-4692 or by email at

Next Steps Clinic Referral Form

What other help is available?

After the clinic appointment, staff are available to assist with follow-up as needed by the family. Clinic staff prepare a report with recommendations and referral information, including referrals to other CED clinics.

All printed materials are available in braille, electronic format, CD and large print. WVU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution